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Auto manufacturers design car engines with a generic chip programming that tends to generalize everybody's driving pattern and environment, this limits your car from performing optimally and you only get to access only a portion of your engine's performance. this can be improved by re-calibrating your engine's computer to suit your driving thereby increasing your engine's performance and at the same time improve your fuel efficiency.

about us

We are one of the top engine remaps company in the UK that specialize in bringing the best performance out of our clients vehicles. We provide high precision ECU remapping and performance optimization that best suits your vehicles engine. Our team of technicians are highly trained and we pride ourselves in providing our excellent services with high-end equipment and software. We are also backed by one of the the most respected tuning bases in the UK - complete with a no quibble guarantee. We also guarantee to have you powered-up within two hours (normally under one hour)

reasons why you should chip your car

  • more power
  • higher torque
  • improved engine operation
  • improved drivability
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • cleaner burn (eco-friendliness)

what we do

In car OBD2 Remaps

This method is used for OBD2 enabled cars where the reprogramming of the engine's computer is done through the DLC.

Out of car Bench Remaps

This is the traditional way of tuning an engine performance used for vehicles without OBD2.

Fault Diagnosis

Whatever the make or model of your vehicle, our car tuning and expert fault diagnostics will identify any issue.

why choose us?

  • high quality hardware and software
  • expert technicians
  • guranteed satisfaction
  • resetable and flexible tuning
  • fast and reliable service
  • better overall performance

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our services

- Fault diagnosis
-in-car OBD2 remap
-out of car bench remap

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